Programming – Geoff Pell

Geoff is a programmer with 15+ years experience.

He has worked on multiple web games, mobile games and live sports systems.
Most recently working for one of the most successful mobile slots operators in the world.

Twitter: @gvoidgames

Art – Nicola Guest

Nicola is a designer with 15+ years experience in digital marketing and advertising.
With a background in animation and illustration, Inviolate is the perfect project to get her creative juices going.
When not working on Inviolate, Nicola is currently raising her 16 month old boy (A.K.A ‘Baby Gvoid’) with partner Geoff.

Twitter: @britnic

Story – Steve Hammond

During the nineties, whilst working for DMA Design, he thinks he did everything it was possible to do on a computer game.

He wrote the extensive Hired Guns story and background, the manual for Uniracers (described by Arstechnica as “…goofy and hilarious…” and by Nintendo Life as “…refreshingly irreverent and zany…”).

His favourite claim to fame is having his name in paragraph one, page one of the original Grand Theft Auto design document. Another is being part of the DMA Design exhibit in Dundee’s McManus Galleries.
He took a short decade and a half break to work in the aerospace industry, coding instrument control software in the engineering department, but is now working as a writer with a couple of Science Fiction novels in the works, in addition to a history of DMA Design.

Twitter: @snap2grid

Audio – Tim Ansell

Ever since the first time Tim placed a needle onto a piece of vinyl in 1986 he’s been fascinated with the way that sound waves work. Then, after witnessing a recording session at a London studio in 1995 he knew it was the kind of place in which he needed to spend his life.
When it became clear in 2005 that game development gave Tim the ability to control an infinite number of sounds in an infinite number of worlds, he knew what he now needed to do.

Tim strives to provide players with audio that will be thoroughly satisfying and charged with emotion. He brings advice and expertise in all areas of interactive sound design, based on 11 years as the in-house audio expert at BAFTA winning studio Relentless Software.
More recently, Tim has co-founded a Brighton based independent games studio – BottledBy.

Twitter: @timtrimini

3D Art – Alejandro Gorgal

Art Station: Portfolio



3D Art – Joaquín Navone

Art Station: Portfolio

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