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Developer: Gvoid Ltd.
Location: London, UK
Status: Demo/Prologue currently in build
Demo/Prologue Release Date: Estimated Summer 2017
Full Game Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC, Mac (Other platforms TBC)
Price: TBC

Game Overview

What is Inviolate:
A futuristic single/co-op adventure built in the classic dungeon crawler style.

What makes Inviolate standout:

  • A sci-fi, cyberpunk esque twist on the classic dungeon crawler genre.
  • Fast paced projectile combat in an old school grid based format.
  • Written by Steve Hammond – the original Hired Guns writer and member of DMA Design, from which Inviolate takes inspiration.
  • Co-op – Team with up to 4 friends to take on all the challenges the game has to offer.
  • Character variety – Select a character based on their skills and abilities, or how their talents compliment your co-op team.
  • Atmospheric environments – from abandoned mining tunnels to the futuristic mind banks, all labyrinthine and  all dangerous.
  • Inviolate is not a crafting/survival/zombie attack game 😉

The relief crew have crash landed at the desolated facility of Inviolate – an asteroid based ‘Brain Banking’ corporation with a shady reputation. When no staff come to greet them, the mysterious inner working of the facility now lie exposed – releasing both opportunity and danger.
Strange howls and sinister noises echo through the metallic structures putting everyone on edge. The surviving crew must gather supplies, arm themselves and work together if they are ever to escape from the asteroid… and it’s inhabitants.


  • Primarily inspired by the 1993 Amiga classic Hired guns, Inviolate also draws heavy influence from other memorable dungeon crawlers such as Black Crypt, Dungeon master and the Eye Of The Beholder series.
  • Players must negotiate their way through the Inviolate facility by exploring locations, encountering hostile creatures and solving environmental puzzles in the hopes of escaping… or at the very least surviving.
  • Featuring RPG elements, players take on the role of the Inviolate relief crew – an array of characters, each with their own skills, abilities and hindrances. Equipping these characters with tools, weapons and armor found within the game will to help you face down the challenges that lie ahead.


Inviolate started as a passion project developed by a small group of London-based friends, but has now evolved into a core team spanning from Brighton, to Dundee and across to Buenos Aires!

We were eager to create a game reminiscent of the retro classics from our childhood. We loved sitting around the Amiga playing games with our siblings or friends, games like Hired Guns.
It was from this nostalgia dream that ‘Inviolate’ was spawned.

In 2016 we reached out to Steve Hammond, the original Hired Guns writer and were delighted to have him come on board. Steve has taken our rough story outline and not only evolved and embellished it, but create a rich and elaborate setting for Inviolate to exist.

It’s an ambitious project, currently 3 years in the making, but after many late evenings, long weekends and skipped meals, Inviolate has almost reached full fruition!
It truly has been a labour of love!

Key Feature Breakdown

    Inviolate is a faithful dungeon crawler primarily inspired by the 1993 amiga classic Hired guns, while also drawing influences from Eye of the beholder, Black Crypt and Dungeon master.
    Players must negotiate their way through the Inviolate facility by exploring locations, encountering hostile creatures and solving environmental puzzles.
  • CO-OP:
    Players can fly solo or invite a friend to join their party.
    Co-Op mode also has the bonus of additional environmental puzzles and rewards – only solvable by teamwork.
    We are officially releasing on PC and Mac with other platforms to be confirmed.
    The game will be on sale via our website and we will be looking to place it on the Steam/GOG online stores too.
    Inviolate has a number of playable characters (2 feature in our Prologue demo), each with their own unique stats, starting equipment and attitude.
    Enemies… well, we don’t want to spoil too much in regards to to the dangers you face. Let’s just say they range from organic to mechanic, big to small, sentient to… not so sentient..
    Players can fall foul to afflictions, some are temporary while others can manifest. An untreated affliction can worsen, resulting in knock-on afflictions and ultimately your demise.
    Checkpoints save your progress but this game isn’t a hand holding experience. You’ll get lost, scratch your head at puzzles and die… probably a lot.
    Don’t waste your lives though! There are a limited number of lives available in the game so once all lives are gone – It’s game over man.
    After completing (or cowardly retreating from) a location, players are returned to the “Inviolate transportation Map”.
    This screen acts as an overview of the Inviolate facility, giving players and teams the ability to strategise road maps and select locations to visit bases on their availability, resources, and danger levels.
    Plan your journey with care! – You are restricted by the number of locations you can visit, though co-op adventurers can choose to split the teams and visit different locations if they see fit. Each time a new game is started the map locations and resources randomly relocate allowing for a different adventure each time.
  • GEAR UP:
    Guns, grenades, flamethrowers, a… broom?
    You’re going to need a range of weapons and skill to progress for the encounters ahead.Improve your character’s base stats by equipping tailored attire, weapons and augmentations that are found throughout the game.
    Oh, and these enhancements don’t just improve your odds at survival. Party members standing close by will reap the benefits from them too!








Monetisation / Video Recording Permission

Gvoid are happy for Inviolate to be published through video broadcasting services such as Youtube and Twitch.
This applies to commercial and non-commercial purchases.

Game Credits

Development and concept – Geoffrey Pell, @GvoidGames

Artwork and additional concept development – Nicola Guest, @britnic

Story writing – Steve Hammond, @snap2grid

Sound engineering – Tim Ansell, @timtrimini

3D artwork – Alejandro Gorgal, Art Station

3D artwork – Joaquin Navone, Art Station

Music – JFB, Sound Cloud

Contact Us

For further information please contact us or visit us on twitter.

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