Whether organic or mechanical, Inviolate has dangers lurking around every corner.
Part of the fun is discovering these dangers for yourself, therefore we don’t want to reveal too much.

Here’s a small selection of the dangers you’ll face:


Scanners map out the territory for the benefit of the collective.
Each spends it’s time scanning the corridors, moving on and scanning the next.

Curiosity will attract it to humans and this behaviour has earned them the nickname ‘Cartocats’. Their scanning ability is an adaption of the bio-luminescence, giving them an eerie glow.

Disabling one makes it possible to extract some map data from it.


Generally harmless if left alone, but will defend themselves with sharp spikes if attacked.
Scanners can call for back up by alerting the collective of their position.


Harmless by themselves. Deposited wherever they need to be, they are transported by the movement of air current within the tunnels, or by the flow of water.
Wherever they come to rest they will attach and start growing into the ‘Corruption’, feeding off the very material the asteroids are made of. Transforming it into something more alien-friendly is their purpose.



If tagged by an ‘Engineer’ alien, a spore can grow into a different type of alien depending on what they now require. Usually something far more dangerous.


Tesseract Battle Components Patrol Master 100 Series, Revision 3.


Equipped with an advanced tracking and detection system, a Patrol Master .Mk1 is the first line of defense against intruders. The Revision 3 model has been patched to avoid a repeat of those unfortunate tour guide deaths last year; curiosity and intelligence are no longer seen as aberrant behaviour.


Tesseract Battle Components says ‘none whatsoever’, unless you’re not supposed to be there in the first place. Correct security clearance will prevent an encounter with the award-winning triple-barreled gun under the alloy dome.


Large soldier ants with the sole purpose of defending against intruders.
Diligently patrolling, ruthlessly attacking. Anything and anyone which is out of place is a target.

Yet they seem not to attack Inviolate’s built in automatic defenses. Are those merely offline, or is something else going on?
Something that would suggest the aliens are smarter than they first appear.


Wrapping it’s bony limbs around you, the Xenostratiotis will pull you in for a fleshly bite. It’s best to avoid those claws too. They’ll do more than give you a nasty nip.

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