Gameplay and Key Features

What is Inviolate?

Inviolate is a classic dungeon crawler primarily inspired by the 1993 amiga classic Hired guns.
The game also draws heavy influence from Eye of the beholder, Black Crypt and Dungeon master.
Players must negotiate their way through the Inviolate facility by exploring locations, encountering hostile creatures and solving environmental puzzles in the hopes of escaping… or at the very least surviving.

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Your role

Featuring RPG elements, players take on the role of the Inviolate relief crew – an array of characters, each with their own skills, abilities and hindrances.
Equipping these characters with tools, weapons and armor found within the game will to help you face down the challenges that lie ahead.




Inviolate was always created with multiplayer fun in mind.
Player’s can invite up to 3 friends to join their party to help unlock all the secrets of the Inviolate facility has hidden away.
Prefer flying solo? No problem, Inviolate can also be enjoyed as a solitary adventure.
A single player still gets full access to the story mode, however certain environmental puzzles that require co-op to unlock are currently not accessible.



We are officially releasing on PC and Mac with other platforms are to be confirmed.
The game will be on sale via our website and we will be looking to place it on the Steam/GOG online stores too.

Character Variety

Each member of the relief crew has their own unique perks, such as starting equipment & combat styles. So whether you fancy yourself as an engineer, sous chef, or even the janitor – there is a character for everyone! (Yup, standard space marine is also included.)

To improve or adjust the character’s stats, players must tailor and equip the character with items found throughout the game.

Know Thy Enemy

Or in this case… you don’t. We don’t want to spoil too much in regards to to the dangers you face. Let’s just say they range from organic to mechanic, big to small, sentient to… not so sentient.

‘Tis but a scratch

Players can fall foul to afflictions. Some are temporary while others can manifest. If left untreated they can worsen, resulting in knock-on afflictions and ultimately your demise.

There are a limited number of lives available in the game. Checkpoints save your progress but this game isn’t a hand holding experience. You’ll get lost, scratch your head at puzzles and die… probably a lot.
Once all lives are gone? It’s game over man.

Gear Up

Guns, grenades, flamethrowers, a… broom?
You’re going to need a range of weapons and skill to progress for the encounters ahead.
Improve your character’s base stats by equipping tailored attire, weapons and augmentations that are found throughout the game.
Oh, and these enhancements don’t just improve your survivability. Party members standing close by will reap the benefits from them too!

Map Exploration

After completing (or cowardly retreating from) a ‘node’ players are returned to the “Inviolate transportation Map”.

This screen acts as an overview of the Inviolate facility. It’s a chance for players and teams to strategise paths and select locations to visit bases on their availability, resources, and danger levels.

Plan your journey with care! – You are restricted by the number of nodes you can visit, though co-op adventurers can choose to split the teams and visit different locations if they see fit.Each time a new game is started the map nodes and resources randomly relocate allowing for a different adventure each time.

Non-linear Progression

Choices you make within the game will impact on how your journey evolves.

For example, by helping an NPC you may be rewarded with a better gun… then again, the NPC might not like the cocky-dialogue choices and decide to blast your brains out with the gun instead. Of course, you could always take out the NPC and risk missing out on future sub-missions.

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