Hi Nicola,

We’d like to start by announcing our employee of the month- NooNoo, the Air con unit.
Summer is well and truly here in the UK and NooNoo has gone above and beyond her duty by providing cool air around the clock.


NooNoo, the team at Gvoid HQ salutes you.

Latest Developments



We’re excited to report that environmental assets for Inviolate Prologue have now been completed and are currently being added to the game build.

With only two 3D artists in the team, it’s been one of our most laborious tasks, but also one of the most rewarding. It’s great feeling a level of accomplishment when notepad doodles turn into fully fleshed out 3D models.


Prologue’s in-game items such as weapons and consumables have also been completed.

We may include more items further down the line, but as Prologue is an introduction to the main game, we don’t want to reveal too much at the start. We’d rather players discover bigger and better items as part of their journey.


Currently in the works:

  • Adding assets into build.
  • Item interaction and inventory management.
  • Improving particle effects.
  • New enemy - it’s big, it's hard, and has something menacing between it's legs.


Coming up:


We’ll be putting together a teaser video for Prologue featuring some cinematic shots, ingame footage and clichéd fade to blacks.

We should be able to get some good PR off the back of this too.

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