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Firstly, we’d like to kickoff this newsletter with a shout out to all the new subscribers who have signed up over the last couple of months. One of the things that help us stay motivated is knowing there are people out there who are interested in the game, so big thanks to you all!

Now, let’s take a look at the latest happenings at Inviolate HQ.


The Gvoid team

Light At The End Of The Industrial Tunnel
Last month we mentioned that the arboretum assets were approaching completion. We’re now happy to say the industrial environment is hot on it’s tail.

All the basic assets are now built and ingame. Currently our 3D artists are creating bespoke models such as power cores, fuel tanks and industrial piping.  By enhancing the environments with animations and interesting props it helps to break up the repetitive nature of dungeon crawling exploration.

Edit, Publish, Play, Repeat
We’re currently tweaking the level designs for better pacing and co-op maneuverability.
When it comes to map editing, we use a nifty programme called Tiled. It’s a quick way for us to plot out levels, but you can only really get a feel for the environments by dropping yourself into the game and giving it a run through.
For Inviolate, pacing is probably the most challenging part of level design.
We don’t want the player to rush through levels nor do we want to bloat them out with lots of unnecessary corridors and rooms.
For this reason, Inviolate’s levels are not huge in design, but as no maps are provided (Remember, no hand-holding here ;)), players can get disorientated in the futuristic labyrinths and may stumble across same locations several times.
The purpose of this is for familiarity. Becoming familiar with an environment can play to your advantage. Fighting an unbeatable enemy? Kite it towards a pit trap you previously found. Dropped an inventory item you once deemed useless? No problem. You dropped it by that big pulsing blue thing 2 levels ago.
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