Hi Nicola,

That's right, it's monthly update time!

This month we are quickly going over where we are at with the game's environmental production and updating you on some website tweaks.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Inviolate crew
In The Night Garden
Asset production is wrapping up on the Arboretum environment.

We still have a list of ‘nice to have’ models we would love to include, but for now, the fundamental assets are almost complete for Inviolate: Prologue (Our self-contained demo adventure).

We’re now moving onto the next phased of addressing the Arboretum's lightning, bringing it more in tone with the dungeon crawler genre.

Who left that pulse rifle on the floor?

We're ramping up production on inventory items.


Now that we are wrapping up environmental production, we’ve been looking at the ingame items you can find. These items range from weapons, consumables, attire and augmentations.

Website refresh

Our website has had some slight restructuring and text tinkering.


Nothing major, but we had some of the usability issues occurring when viewing on mobile. Although we use a responsive wordpress template, our bootstrap html tweaks were causing issues - this has now been addressed.

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