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This month we’re not only taking you through the latest updates, but revealing "Inviolate: Prologue" for the first time.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Inviolate crew
Announcing "Inviolate: Prologue"
So what exactly is Inviolate: Prologue?

Set 2 weeks prior to ‘Inviolate’, you take on the roles of Shaunis, a lab tech, or Hardacker, a security enforcer.
While going about their day-to-day tasks they make an alarming discovery that sets events in motion...

Like a demo, Inviolate: Prologue showcases our game mechanics, combat, pacing and environments. However, whereas some demos are often a short chapter of a game or have restricted functionality, Inviolate: Prologue is a self contained adventure (Penned by Steve Hammond) with a start, middle and end.

Prologue also features co-op mode, allowing you to player with a friend for extra fun!

In regards to a release date, nothing is fixed yet, but we’re aiming for this summer.

More updates to come in the future!
We’ve been frapping hard

As in video capturing… what were you thinking?


For the last couple of months we’ve been working our way through the environmental artwork. It’s a fun task for our 2 talented 3D artists, but does require considerable time and effort!

With that said, we’re excited to have reached a point in production that we can start editing some new footage together.
Sure, we are still relatively alpha and need some polish here and there, but these new videos should give an impression of what the game is about and hopefully raise our profile.
Things that make you go ‘Ooo’

Pretty particles

No scifi-based game would be complete without some funky plasma pulses or laser grids!

We’ve re-introduced a number of weapon effects such as laser bursts and made environments more atmospheric with fire outbreaks and gas leaks.

Happy gibbing

Perhaps it was random or perhaps it was a well executed shot?
Either Way, it’s always enjoyable to watch your enemy decorate the walls as they explode in a blast of fleshy chunks, brain matter and flying eyeballs.
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