Hi Nicola,
March has arrived and here at Inviolate HQ we're marching forward with our e
nvironmental settings. Not only that, but we've begun rolling out ingame items as 3D objects too!
Thanks again for your continued support!
The Inviolate crew
Pimp My Character
Created with their own unique base stats, Inviolate's characters can be pimped up to suit your style of gameplay.
Some characters are skilled with guns right from the get-go, while others will need to rely on augmentations and high-end weaponry to achieve that super shooter status.
That's okay though, if your character is dumb with a gun they are likely more tech savvy or quick on their feet. I mean, why waste bullets on hostile creatures when you can evade them at a fast pace!

Character stats are controlled primarily through the weapons you equip, the attire you wear, or the bonuses that augmentations provide.
This works really well in multiplayer mode as you and your friends can create a complimentary team with a range of skill sets. Tank, healer, rogue, anyone?

Shotguns & Blood Packs & Armor! Oh my!
Weapons, consumables, medical supplies and much more! The Inviolate art team are hard at work putting pins in grenades and lettuce in space sandwiches.
The weapons are particularly fun to design.
Our writer, Steve Hammond, has been expanding Inviolate's lore, including several weapon manufacturers who arm the Invioalate base. 
For example, Garfield & McKinley are solid and staid, built with good old-fashioned American know-how. Nintoku are polished high-tech weapons you might see in Manga, while ShootR is the brash American startup with an all in-your-face look.
Reach For The Sky...Box
Trees and grass on an asteroid? Yup! All growing in the arboretum - an environment that's been developing at an amazingly fast rate!

We'll be sharing some more detailed screenshots of the environment soon, but there are a couple of elements still missing. Featured above is one of the large water tanks that loom overhead. They pump water down through the pipe legs and exit through the sprinkler system. No thirsty plants here!
We've got to admit, the arboretum environment has been refreshing to work on. After months of looking at dark industrial corridors, it's a breath of fresh air to look up and see the sun (or in this case Mars ;)) in the sky!
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