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Happy February! This is probably one of the few newsletters you'll receive this week that does not contain the colour pink or clipart hearts. ;)

With that said, we would still like to share the love in the form of our latest updates.
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New playable character - Maisie Shaunis
Maisie Shaunis is a lab technician specialising in the preparation of biological support systems for Inviolates top-tier customers.

Day to day life involves the mixing of chemicals and biological agents. It’s not all glamour, especially when swabbing down the clean room after another outbreak of Lassa Fever. Nothing would please her better than getting her hands on the idiot who thought it would be cute to introduce his pet mouse to the lab mice down the corridor. She’s been dealing with the fallout ever since, calling the culprit ‘plague vector’ behind his back, and to his face.

Shaunis likes mice. She likes most creatures in fact, though not quite so hot on humans. At least not the ones she has to work with. But at least they are better than the entities, fascinating though they will be, she is going to encounter.
User Interface gets a make over
Setting up a game has been made simpler and prettier!

By streamlining the host/join game process, we've made it easier and quicker to get a server up and running or jump into a friend's game.

We've also taken a look at the ingame interfaces and given them a revamp too.
We've addressed issues such as inventory panels blocking floor items, key binding weapons and food/health functionality.

The character lobby screen has been de-cluttered but also includes mini bios to help you pick which character to play as.
Currently, the demo is only scoped for 2 playable characters, but the main game will feature a greater selection of starting characters, along with unlockable characters found within the game.
From grime to shine - new environments
Much like old school dungeon crawlers, a player's journey takes them through a number of unique environments.

Eye of the Beholder 2 did this wonderfully, starting off in a dank dungeon and progressing to levels of futuristic and alien aesthetics. 

Last month we started 3D production of the 'Arboretum'. Housed within a giant dome, the Arboretum's greenery and clean aesthetics offer a contrast some Inviolate's industrial underbelly.
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