Happy New Year!
Hello Geoff, we hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family over the festive period (and managed to slip in some quality gaming time too!).

This month we're excited to show off some of the new 3D artwork being developed.

Have a great 2017!
Making space dungeons
The art pipeline is currently in full swing, developing environments that will feature in the game.
The first environment is the industrial zone. This area primarily exists in the bowels of the asteroid, a retrofit from the asteroids mining days, it now serves as the back bone for most of the newer systems. The grimy textures and dank setting really help capture that dungeon-esque feel.

What's that machine on the right hand side of the image? That's the updated vending machine. Characters are affected by hunger in the game so it's important to scavenge food. If you're in position of some credit chips you can get food and drink from the vending machine to get rid of those hunger pangs.  
Getting into character
We've been making amazing progress in the quality of animation since switching from 2D to 3D.

The Scanner is our latest creature to be fully implemented in the game. These little guys are scouts, mapping out the territory for the benefit of the collective. They're on the small side, but will defend themselves with their poisonous spikes and can be deadly if attacking in a swarm.

Modelling will begin soon on our second playable demo character - and breaking with genre tradition she's not a space marine :D
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