Winter is coming... and so are updates!

Hello Geoff, and welcome to our December newsletter.
We'll be running through some of the latest developments, but firstly we'd like to say a big thank you to our latest subscribers. It's great to know people are interested in the game and how it's progressing. It really helps in keeping our momentum going...
Introducing Inviolate's Writer
Who better to write a game inspired by 1993 Amiga classic Hired Guns than the original Hired Guns writer?

That's right, Steve Hammond (DMA Design member, Rockstar Games start up team) has been developing Inviolate's story, giving it his special scifi touch. From our original story concept, Steve has taken the adventure in new directions. Creating a rich history and lore for the Inviolate facility as well as introducing us to an array of compelling characters and menacing monsters.
To say we've been excited to work with him is an understatement.
Going 3D
Inviolate's visual style stemmed from a love of old retro classics such as Doom or Eye Of The Beholder.

The detail captured by every pixel was impressive and an element we wanted to express in our own artwork.
Placing 2D pixel-esque characters and monsters in a 3D environment was a hybrid designed to marry old school with contemporary. However, this vision has been difficult to realise, both technically and due to animation complications. In short, we felt quality was starting to suffer and this was not a compromise we wanted to take.
With this in mind, we have decided to advance into a fully 3D styled game. The likes of Legends of Grimrock have successfully achieved something similar, which gives us confidence in going down this root.
We now have an amazing 3D artist onboard who is taking our alpha artwork and turning them into stunning models. 
Demo Update - The feature creep
Initially pencilled in for a Nov 16 Demo launch, we are now realistically looking at March 2017.
The reasons for the feature creep rearing it's ugly head? Art production is ramping up to be fully 3D and we are replacing our “pixel cut out” players and monsters, which you saw in the alpha teaser. Basically, as a small team these things just take longer. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all lab rats who signed up for the demo. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Although the demo isn't quite ready, we'd like to tell you a little bit more about it:
Set within the off-world Inviolate facility, the demo is a self contained story that takes place prior to the start of the main game.
You assume the role of an Inviolate crewperson. The day started like any other. You carried out your mundane tasks one after the other... until the 'incident' happened.
The demo is currently being designed around a 1 or 2 player co-op experience.
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