EXPLORE - Labyrinthian locations filled with dangers and secrets.SOLVE - Environmental puzzles and uncover hidden areas. STORY - By Steve Hammond, the original writer for Hired Guns. LOCK N' LOAD - Fight the deadly inhabitants with an arsenal of weapons. MULTIPLAYER - Team up with friends online to tackle bonus co-op challenges.
A spiritual successor to 1993 amiga classic HIRED GUNS  with a story by the writer of hired guns

Inviolate: A futuristic co-op adventure built in the classic dungeon crawler style

The relief crew have crash landed at the desolated facility of Inviolate - an asteroid based ‘Brain Banking’ corporation with a shady reputation.
When no staff come to greet them, the mysterious inner working of the facility now lie exposed - releasing both opportunity and danger.
Strange howls and sinister noises echo through the metallic structures putting everyone on edge.
The surviving crew must gather supplies, arm themselves and work together if they are ever to escape from the asteroid... and its inhabitants.

Inviolate is a spiritual successor to the 1993 Amiga classic Hired Guns, with a story by Steve Hammond, the original writer of Hired Guns.
Players shoot hostiles, solve environmental puzzles and discover the secrets of the Inviolate facility.

Love old classics like Eye of the beholder, Black Crypt and Dungeon master?
Then this is a game will appeal to you!

Find out more: The Story | Key Features

Get Involved

We’ve done the hard work, the code base is built! We know it works and works well, however to make the game truly expansive there is still a lot more content to add:

* Intriguing puzzles * Formidable monsters * Bad ass weapons * Immersive locations

In order to achieve all this extra content, and get it to you quickly, we need funds!

We will be releasing our demo with a kickstarter campaign mid 2017.

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